Anna + Gino : Malibu Villa Mara Estate Wedding

Anna + Gino

Malibu Villa Mara Estate Wedding

Anna and Gino had a beautiful Villa Mara Estate Wedding on October 10th of this year. I was really excited about this wedding because I absolutely love this couple. We started out with the guys. They had a very large room to get ready in which included a pool table and television. They guys were having a great time hanging out and just having fun. Most of Gino’s friends & family had come from Europe so it was really special for him to spend that quality time with them. I had a great time photographing the guys and loved the laid back vibe that was going on. It made for a really fun night!

01_Groom_AnnaGino-401_Groom_AnnaGino-1001_Groom_AnnaGino-1501_Groom_AnnaGino-1701_Groom_AnnaGino-2201_Groom_AnnaGino-3001_Groom_AnnaGino-3801_Groom_AnnaGino-4401_Groom_AnnaGino-5001_Groom_AnnaGino-6801_Groom_AnnaGino-75Villa Mara Estate WeddingVilla Mara Estate Wedding


Up next we photographed Anna getting ready. The room was much smaller than the guys but it still worked out perfectly. Anna looked so beautiful! Her dress fit her perfectly and between them both, they made a truly stunning couple. 02_BRIDE_AnnaGino-502_BRIDE_AnnaGino-2002_BRIDE_AnnaGino-35Villa Mara Estate Wedding02_BRIDE_AnnaGino-2902_BRIDE_AnnaGino-1002_BRIDE_AnnaGino-5902_BRIDE_AnnaGino-6702_BRIDE_AnnaGino-7602_BRIDE_AnnaGino-8102_BRIDE_AnnaGino-8802_BRIDE_AnnaGino-9502_BRIDE_AnnaGino-101

It was time for the ceremony but since the shuttle bus with the guests was running late, we decide to do some photos of Anna alone. Doesn’t she look so beautiful? That Gino is a lucky man 🙂 Villa Mara Estate Wedding02_BRIDE_AnnaGino-10702_BRIDE_AnnaGino-128Villa Mara Estate Wedding02_BRIDE_AnnaGino-185Villa Mara Estate Wedding

Finally the shuttle pulled in and all the guests arrived for Anna & Gino’s Villa Mara Estate Wedding. The ceremony was underway and the processional started. You could tell by the way Gino looked at Anna coming down the isle that he was smitten. They are perfect for each other in every way! Villa Mara Estate Wedding03_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-1203_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-2603_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-37b03_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-4303_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-4703_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-5403_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-5603_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-6403_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-10803_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-12103_CEREMONY_AnnaGino-123Villa Mara Estate Wedding06_COUPLE_AnnaGino-1206_COUPLE_AnnaGino-1306_COUPLE_AnnaGino-1506_COUPLE_AnnaGino-2106_COUPLE_AnnaGino-3006_COUPLE_AnnaGino-33Villa Mara Estate Wedding06_COUPLE_AnnaGino-40Villa Mara Estate Wedding06_COUPLE_AnnaGino-4606_COUPLE_AnnaGino-7006_COUPLE_AnnaGino-7106_COUPLE_AnnaGino-5706_COUPLE_AnnaGino-7406_COUPLE_AnnaGino-8106_COUPLE_AnnaGino-8506_COUPLE_AnnaGino-92Villa Mara Estate WeddingVilla Mara Estate Wedding06_COUPLE_AnnaGino-12106_COUPLE_AnnaGino-12606_COUPLE_AnnaGino-13406_COUPLE_AnnaGino-14606_COUPLE_AnnaGino-15006_COUPLE_AnnaGino-15806_COUPLE_AnnaGino-167Villa Mara Estate Wedding06_COUPLE_AnnaGino-18007_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-2Villa Mara Estate Wedding07_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-3707_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-907_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-1007_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-1507_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-2107_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-2207_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-3007_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-2807_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-4607_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-14307_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-5107_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-14007_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-5607_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-6007_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-6407_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-7207_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-7807_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-82Villa Mara Estate Wedding07_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-12907_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-13407_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-13207_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-15807_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-15907_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-183Villa Mara Estate Wedding07_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-20107_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-21607_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-22407_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-23107_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-24107_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-24207_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-25407_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-27907_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-28307_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-31307_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-33207_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-34907_RECEPTION_AnnaGino-390

At the end of the night we were still smiling so you know it was a good day! Above *Nick from Motivity Films, Gino, Anna, and Me. Than you so much to Anna and Gino for allowing us to be a part of your Villa Mara Estate Wedding. We are so happy to not just call you a client but also our friends.

If you are also having a Villa Mara Estate Wedding then contact us! We would love to photograph your special day.



Urška MajerNovember 5, 2015 - 10:20 AM

What a gorgeous wedding! Love all the beautiful details 🙂

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